Wintergreen Oil as Natural Pain Relief and Therapy Relief in the Golden Years



Wintergreen oil therapy is the kind of offer you would commonly associate with a practitioner of alternative medicines. Maybe a Chinese healer or an oriental doctor would suggest the use of Wintergreen oil in conjunction with other herbs and oils. It can help you achieve natural pain relief that cannot be found in the bottles of chemically derived painkillers. While these painkillers do offer some temporary relief, they fail to foster the healing that will make the pain go away permanently. It is a power only experienced with the wintergreen and eucalyptus oil experience.

It is true wintergreen oil therapy is most commonly approved by those who comprehend the role of natural pain treatments. However, even the United States Food and Drug Administration has shown that there are some undisputed benefits to the use of this oil. Both muscle pains and those pains associated with normal onset arthritis are known to greatly diminish when treated directly with wintergreen oil. When it is combined with eucalyptus oil in a pain reliever, the effects are nothing short of stunning. This has even been noticed by some who might have spent years taking over the counter drugs only to find the effects eventually were no longer what they had hoped for.

More and more medical doctors, professional healers and those in the holistic wellness field now urge their patients to consider using wintergreen oil. Since eucalyptus increases the blood flow to the bodily tissues, it assists the body in healing the areas which are subject to tears or other issues that cause the pain the sufferer is experiencing in the first place. This twofold approach seeks to not only provide relief from the pain itself. However, itís also a way for the body to deal with the affected area, making long term pain relief indeed a very real and lasting possibility.

There are also other benefits to the use of wintergreen oil as natural pain relief and therapy. When you remember that many over the counter pain killers carry with them the risk of very serious side effects, the wisdom of using them only occasionally makes sense rather quickly. For example, the most popular over the counter drugs may numb the pain your body is experiencing. But, when comparing that to the warnings of liver and kidney damage it becomes obvious the temporary relief of pain carries a steep price tag indeed. Wintergreen oil on the other hand, has no known side effects on the human body and is considered a safe and natural way of relieving pain.


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