Athletes Seek Out Natural Pain Relief



Rules and regulations with respect to doping are getting stricter and athletes are beginning to develop a healthy fear of even over the counter painkillers. In the 1970s and 1980s there appeared to be the attitude of a free for all when it came to pharmaceuticals. However, today’s athlete is rather well versed when it comes to eating healthy and living a holistic lifestyle. In this kind of desired lifestyle, it is hard to succumb to the temptation of reaching for the chemically mixed pain relievers readily available. But, these seem to have more adverse side effects than they actually help the athlete.

At the same time, the pain and injuries factor naturally into the life of an athlete of any discipline. The fact athletes now seek out natural pain relief and find it quite successful is a great testament to the effectiveness some mixtures are now offering. Take for example those that combine spearmint and camphor oils with other pain relieving oils. Spearmint oil is well known for easing inflammation and the pain associated with it. At the same time it can also relieve muscle spasms which occur quite frequently in athletes (especially when they undergo a rigorous training prior to a major event).

Camphor oil is a known compound used on bruises. However, it can also be used on areas of inflammation and aching joints. It soothes the skin and the underlying tissues. It also helps muscles to relax and thus facilitates a speedy recovery. When these oils are combined with others, the results may be nothing short of phenomenal. While the pain is numbed and healing of the tissues is fostered, there is an overall feeling of bodily wellbeing. It cannot be found when using over the counter pain killers or prescription drugs. Best of all, this kind of pain relief is completely safe and legal!

Over time, the use of natural pain relievers will allow athletes to capitalize more from their body’s health. Since there no longer will be a need for potentially harmful medications (which are known to have side effects that may actually decrease an athlete’s performance in the short as well as the long term), athletes can feel great and be effective at their sport. This may add years to such sports performers’ careers and add a certain bit of value to the next bout of contract negotiations. Additionally, when natural pain relief is sought out, the life after retiring from athleticism will also have much more quality. The bodily tissues will have consistently regenerated with the help of the natural ingredients and the organs won’t be suffering from side effects attributable to years of painkiller usage.


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