Eucalyptus Oil for Stress and Pain Relief



Eucalyptus oil for stress and pain relief is a time honored practice dating back thousands of years. It has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. In some cases it is combined with a holistic lifestyle and yoga exercises in an effort to provide a calming of the mind and the body. Having recognized these go hand in hand, it is not at all surprising to find many new natural pain relievers are now coming on the market with the inclusion of this age old knowledge about eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus oil in particular has been cited with extraordinary pain relieving faculties. These abilities stem from the substances’ ability to have a positive stimulant effect on the body’s circulatory system. The result is an increased blood flow and therefore also oxygenation of the bodily tissues. This can greatly help to heal any painful injuries. Remember, pain is little more than your body’s warning system all is not well. There are some areas of the body where greater care is indicated! By fostering a healing of these affected tissues, the pain will go away naturally as the cause is removed.

In addition to increasing the oxygen flow to the affected tissues, eucalyptus oil has a great reputation for doing away with muscle spasms. It also may even have a somewhat slight sedative effect to the area to which it is applied. Migraine sufferers in particular are urged to give the eucalyptus a try because of the dual effect in pain abatement if offers. It is surprising in today’s highly educated society there is not more of an urgency to get back to basics. However, many people are still not aware of natural products and their benefits.

Sometimes a patient may endure years of excruciating pain requiring multitudes of chemically mixed painkillers in order to live an ounce of a normal life. On the other hand, there are those adventurous souls who choose to give eucalyptus and other herbs and oil a chance! Before long they notice some very real and lasting relief. Not only will they prevent years of pain and suffering, but they also save themselves a lot of assorted health problems brought on by various painkillers.


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