Supporting a Holistic Lifestyle with Natural Pain Relief



Over the counter pain remedies fight for shelf space at the grocery store and the pharmacy. They are cheap, plentiful and you can buy them without a prescription in any store across the country. These chemically formulated painkillers appear to ease any kind of pain from teething to back aches. There are even those that seem to attack a vast array of pain in a multitude of locations at the same time!

If at some point these over the counter pain killers fail to provide the relief you seek, there is the commercially available pain killer requiring a prescription which is also rather easy to come by. Usually they have much the same ingredients as the other painkillers. But, because their dosages are much higher they need to be professionally prescribed. All of these substances have in the common the fact they will provide a temporary numbing of the hurting body part. However, they also share the commonality that they are made from substances potentially dangerous to the body and its organs if taken for any length of time.

In the cases of chronic pain, the side effects may be more harmful than the relief from pain the substances are known to offer. In some cases the actual withdrawal of such pain killers will lead to withdrawal like symptoms that may be quite hard to bear for the body. Supporting a holistic lifestyle with natural pain relief does not have these kinds of adverse effects on the human body.

There is not danger of liver damage or kidney failure, the aggravation of stomach ulcers or the danger to an unborn child so common with commercially manufactured pain killers. Westerners are finally willing to turn away from the dangerous remedies sold at the stores and instead turn to that which Mother Nature has to offer. Eastern medicine has chosen natural remedies for years, over chemical formulas. Wellness companies are catching on to the change in public opinion. Formulas that may have been retired for lack of interested consumers are once again used to manufacture holistic pain relief medicines that are safe, natural and highly effective.

This freedom from drugs is achieved with the help of peppermint oils, massage oils and ingestible herbal supplement mixes. In some cases even a combination of the two is utilized. Those who have already begun traversing a holistic lifestyle see this as the next stepping stone to a healthier body and mind. Those who might never have believed themselves able to go there finally find a good starting place


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