The Benefits of Using Olive and Almond Oils for Pain Relief in the Golden Years



The one demographic seeming to be the most marketed when it comes to pain relief is the group made up of senior citizens. Often their medicine cabinets are filled to brimming with over the counter pain killers that may be swallowed, applied, rubbed in, dropped on or otherwise applied. At the same time the shelves may also be lined with prescription pain medications seeking to take the sting out of getting older.

Yet, there has been a bit of a revolution in the elderly generation. More and more senior citizens are recognizing the benefits of using olive and almond oils for pain relief in their golden years. They frequently find these oils (especially when blended with other oils such as wintergreen and eucalyptus) pack a powerful punch not even some prescription drugs seem to mimic.

Initially it may appear odd to suggest treating the elderly with natural pain relievers. But, remember this practice dates thousands of years. They show not only the elderly but also the middle aged and the young can be treated effectively with natural plant oils. Olive oil in particular is a wonderful substance which has a very positive effect on the exterior of the skin. It also helps blood vessels maintain and regain their normal elasticity, thus greatly reducing the risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, olive oil has a mild analgesic effect. When combined with other oils known to offer pain relief contributes significantly to an increase in the overall wellbeing of the senior citizen who uses it.

Almond oil has been tested, documented and found to have a very healthy effect on the skin especially as it ages. In addition, it greatly diminishes any skin irritations and thus lowers the risk of infection brought on by repeated scratching. Natural pain relief combines the properties of various well known oils that not only have regenerative powers but also analgesic properties. The use of these oils leads to the potential for a life without over the counter or prescription drugs.

On the flipside, when the restorative properties of various oils are combined in a natural pain reliever, those in their golden years not only notice a decrease in pain. They also feel an actual healing of some of the bodily tissues causing the pain in the first place. This healing leads to an increased quality of life an important aspect for seniors ready to live life to the fullest after working hard for decades!


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