Body Oils for Pain Relief



It's an unfortunate, but true aspect of life that chronic pain happens. Even the healthiest of people have to fight back pains and muscle pains. Not everyone is a big fan of taking over the counter or prescribed pain medication. For them the use of body oils for pain relief is the answers to chronic pain and fatigue. Some forms of chronic pain treatment are highly addictive and potentially damaging to the organs of the body. Here are a few of the oils used in chronic pain therapy and their properties.

  • eucalyptus oil
  • camphor oil
  • wintergreen oil

To those who have never dabbled in the idea of oils for healing, the thought that oil is effective for chronic pain relief is rather confusing. In the case of eucalyptus oil, it helps to stimulate blood flow which then provides the areas with the aches and pains with much needed oxygen. It is especially good for treating muscular body pains. This oil also has sedative properties that encourage relaxation and relieve joint pains and provides chronic pain support.


It is difficult to feel relief from leg pains and arm pains when the mind is focused on the discomfort. Camphor oil can help with this problem because its scent is known to calm the mind and induce muscle and mental relaxation. This oil is also really good for speeding the healing of bruises and inflammation. There is a reason you often find this oil in over the counter remedies for knee pains and other joints. In its pure form it is more effective than when combined with lab created ingredients. When used for neck pains, it is effective on the pain itself, but close enough to the nose to stimulate mental relaxation as well.


If you still aren't convinced that essential oils can provide pain relief, take a look at what wintergreen oil can do for you. This one is approved by the FDA for use in muscle and joint pain. Wintergreen oil is commonly used to relieve the pain of arthritis by respected doctors and specialists. This oil also contains an ingredient known as methyl salicylate, in layman's terms it is natural aspirin. This means you get the pain relieving power of a synthetic without the potential adverse side effects.


Many people are enjoying the benefits of natural pain relievers. If you want to try relieving your chronic pain naturally and safely, try ReliefMD for your muscle and joint pain. It contains all of the natural pain relievers listed above and more.


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