I was bitten by a spider last week and my hand swelled up and formed a black area in the middle. The pain was constant and terrible but nothing seemed to help... including Aleve, Asprin, etc. This went on for days. Then I slipped and fell on that hand and screamed with excruciating pain. I told my husband to do something/ anything so he got out the ReliefMD and put some directly on the bite area. Moments later it still hurt but was feeling much better. That was the last time I mentioned the bite and hurting.


Susan Baker, KY

My contractor who is renovating my Den is a little older and takes Celebrex for the pain in his knees. He says his joints hurt after a hard days work (and I work him hard ;-). After suggesting he take home a partial bottle of ReliefMD, he came in the next morning raving about how his knees did not hurt this morning. His wife was with him and said it worked for here too and wanted to buy some.


George Sizemore


Used the Relief when I played golf (one time) I was amazed with just one use how I felt.


Ed Wilson